Trendy New York Masquerade Charity Ball

Masquerade Ball, the name itself inspires love, romance and mystery! It’s where Romeo and Juliet met and fell in deep love! Let’s wear masks and dance the night away dedicated to: glamour, sparkling love, a good cause and to celebrate a wonderful New Year ahead! Part of the proceeds will go to the Feed Foundation to help fight hunger and eliminate malnutrition throughout the world.

March 5th is the Chinese Lantern Festival and the last day of the Chinese New Year Celebration. In ancient China, beautiful young girls were not allowed to go out on the streets unless it was during the Chinese Lantern Festival, where everybody wore eye-catching masks and went out to watch beautiful lanterns and socialize. When the moon hung behind the willows, young people went out on dates beneath the lanterns. (月上柳梢,人黄昏后”). 

For the Masquerade Ball guests will dress creatively chic to walk on the red carpet (8pm) and compete in costume contests (Best Dressed Award and Most Creative Award). Prizes and free giveaways, which include: “Room 53” restaurant gift card (up to $250), Shiseido skincare sets (up to $150), crystal iPhone case ($88), Spa and makeup packages (up to $200) and Godiva Chinese New Year gift box ($50). Charity auctions include a gorgeous Sue Wong gown, Munito gold-plated earphone set, and Shiseido skincare sets etc. This masquerade ball will be recorded and photographed and featured on several TV programs and in many publications.

Live band and live performances will keep you entertained all night. Hors d'oeuvres and cake will be served. Each guest will receive a red envelope and a Chinese New Year calendar as a grand wish for a wonderful new year! In addition, hopefully, magic will happen at our Masquerade Ball: When all at once you turn your head, you find her there where lantern light is dimly shed.    (众里他千百度,然回首, 那人却在,灯火)

Trendy New York is an international fashion and lifestyle consultant group that enhances business and culture, connecting high net worth Chinese between the United States and China. Trendy New York and its First Annual Cheongsam Charity Gala have been featured in Vogue, New York Times, the Huffington Post, World Journal, China Press and Singtao Daily. Its blog, Fashion Wonderland, has 20,000 social media followers.


  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    What an amazing event! Just bought two tickets and looking forward to it!


  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Our band is looking forward to perform at this gorgeous event! Please join us :)