Trendy New York “Great Gatsby” Night: Champagne, Jazz and Romance in the Roaring 20s

“A little party never killed nobody…” Jazz through the night, floating rounds of cocktails permeate the room, air alive with chatter and laughter, enthusiastic meetings between young and beautiful who never knew each other’s name. If you are as romantic and charming as Daisy, or as mysterious but charismatic as Gatsby, or if you want to be looked at like how Gatsby looked at Daisy—in a way that every young girl wants to be looked at some time, or if you just happen to have a white flannel suit, a silver shirt, or a gold-colored tie that you want to show off, it is high time for you to reveal, to sparkle and to rule our party!

“The tempo of the city had changed sharply.
The buildings were higher.
The parties were bigger.
The morals were looser and the liquor was cheaper.
The restlessness approached hysteria.”

The lights grow brighter as the earth lurches away from the sun; laughter is easier minute by minute, spilled with prodigality, tipped out at a cheerful word; the groups change more swiftly, swell with new arrivals, dissolve and form in the same breath. The Party has begun: the red berry mint julep, the lemon’s basil cupcakes, the Charleston dance, the gramophone, the glittering tinsel chandelier, the electric chemistry, the lure, the indulgence, the enchantment, the Bel­Air. What is channeling your beautiful souls? Maybe the Gatsby? Or Daisy? Well, you never know.  You never know who you’ll encounter in this  “kaleidoscopic carnival” of the roaring  1920’s  where the  skirts  are  short,  the  tights  are  sheer,  and  the  glitter  is plentiful.  Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of Mr. Gatsby himself, pouring his favorite Champagne in a dapper suit, or maybe you’ll just graze him swinging along the tempo of the jazz and dancing the wild night of NYC.

Join us as we take you back to the age of glitz and charisma as well as re­creating the
Romance sparkled in the Great Gatsby. Taking place at the Cellar Bar at Bryant Park Hotel, with one ­of ­a ­kind 1920 Art Deco décor.

Agenda (July 18th, Sat, 7:30pm-11pm):
       7:30pm       Red Carpet
       9 pm            Live Performance
     9:30 pm      Free Giveaways + Gift Bags
*Live DJ all night long                         **Please bring business cards for free giveaways
*** All guests will receive AMORE PACIFIC gift bags (Value: $50) and an invitation for a complimentary luxury facial (Value: $200).

Let’s build an absolutely fabulous 1920’s dream and create a golden 1920’s party like no other! Time to throw all the rules out of the window, and mix the metallic up! With the companies of Gatsby, Daisy and Nick, you are about to relive your own version of the Gatsby story!  

GATSBY THEME ATTIRE (Highly suggested, but NOT required)


Accessories: Panamas, fedoras, trilby, straw boater hats, “formal headwear”
Shirts & Suits: Dress shirts, polos, vest, jacket, blazers, button ups
Pants: Khakis, black pants, suspenders
Shoes: Black Oxfords, boat shoes, patent shoes   
All in the Details: Gents, it’s the little things that made Gatsby look so extraordinary. Pay attention to the texture of your ties and pin them down with tiepins. We also love how cufflinks and a colorful handkerchief in the top pocket make any look complete. Remember, stick to Art Deco  inspired  pieces,  such  as diagonal strips or geometric shapes!


The bow tie/handkerchief combo

The collar pin

The trimmed mustache

The sweater cardigan

Leather riding boots

Round-framed glasses

Colorful suspenders

The casual three-piece

The dapper Dan haircut 

The pocket watch


Makeup ideas: Try a bold crimson lip against a creamy complexion. If you want to accentuate your eyes, go for the smoky eye and thin brows. Click here for a tutorial!
Hair: Don’t know what to do with all that long hair? It’s all about the glam pin curl, a timeless yet modern take on the 20s look. Find out how to get the gorgeous look here!
Accessories: Gloves, a sparkling necklace, rhinestone earrings and anything beaded.
Headpiece:  Glittering head pieces, feathers, flowers  headbands,  sparkling bobby pins or hair combs.
Type of fabric: Silks, chiffon or laces
Dresses: Skirts, shift dresses and straight cuts  
Footwear: T­-strap shoes, pumps, or classic Mary Janes
Outfit Details: Daisy’s outfits stood out  because  of  the  gorgeous  detailing.
Pick pieces with  soft  details,  such  as  cascading  ruffles,  sequined  accents, beads  and  even bows!  Fringes topped with faux  fur  stoles  or  jackets  are perfect too. Metallic hues such as gold, bronze and silver.

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“A little party never killed nobody!” Even if you have been everywhere and seen everything and done everything, just as Daisy did, you can’t miss this spectacular Great Gatsby event on July 18th! We are looking forward to hearing the exhilarating ripple of your voice!

Our tickets sell out quickly, hurry!  No tickets can be purchased at the door.


  1. I'm going to HK and China for a business trip on July 24th! It would be great to see you all at my event before I leave! Xo

    - May